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Portuguese wine regions are grouped into levels of classification, not necessarily an indicator of quality. Vinho Regional wines which do not adhere to the tight stringent rules to qualify as a DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) allow for experimentation and can result in taking Portuguese wine in new directions where as the DOC system preserves traditions and the unique qualities of the each region represented.

Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC)
Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions (QWpsr) under the European Union wine regulations and thus correspond roughly to the French Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) and Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) classifications. In addition to protecting the designation of origin, the DOC also establishes regulations aimed at maintaining the quality level of the wines associated with a particular wine region. This includes establishing permitted grape varieties, regulating maximum crop yields at harvest, establishing minimum alcohol content, and periods of bottle or oak aging. Producers are required to submit finished wine samples to a regulating body to ensure compliance with DOC standards

Indicação de Proveniencia Regulamentada (IPR)
Also QWpsr. IPRs are used for DOC candidates "in training", and this level roughly corresponds to the French Vin Délimité de Qualité Superieure (VDQS) system.

Vinho Regional (VR),
In addition to the DOC & IPR designation, there is Vinho Regional. Similar to DOC "in training" and indicating regions that have established their own regulating bodies but have broader areas allowed for production and more liberal restrictions. Many modern winemakers favour the VR system for it allows the use of foreign grapes and new wine making techniques whilst retaining an essence of the characteristics or the region.
It is similar to the French Vin Délimité de Qualité Superieure (VDSQ) system.

Vinho de Mesa (Table Wine)
An indication without regional regulation, the quality of which can vary from the most simple to fine.

Recent decades have seen many changes in the classification and naming of Portuguese wine regions. Many previous IPRs have been elevated to DOC status, either on their own or to create a new, larger DOC from either IPRs or a mixture or smaller DOCs and IPRs. At the same time, the name of some VRs have been modified to allow them to be differentiated from some newly created DOCs which have taken over names of former VRs.

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Península de Setúbal

Minho/Vinho Verde
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Trás os Montes
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Peninsula de Setubal
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