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Dão... Portugal's most ancient wines

Stretching from the Spanish frontier to the sea, the Beiras region of central Portugal provides a natural link between the cool, green meadows of the north and the hot, dry pastures of the south. Coimbra, the provincial capital, is the birthplace of six kings and the seat of Portugal's first university, reputedly the second oldest in the world. Its old cathedral is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe. Further inland, the peak of the Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain) is the highest point on mainland Portugal. The terrain in the Beiras is diverse as is the climate and its flavours.

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• Dão DOC

CVR_daoThis major region is in the heart of the Beira Alta and produces many red and white wines. The Dão region is to the east of the Bairrada region being geographically larger in size and covering 16 municipalities in the area between Viseu, Guarda and Coimbra. The vines are grown in the valleys on slopes generally starting at an altitude of 200 mts. up to about 500 mts.

The soil is basically granite which favours the red varieties. The reds are strong, deep in colour and full-bodied. The whites tend to be aromatic and fruity and some are bottled as sparkling rosé.

Quinta de São Simão da Aguieira

Borges Dão Reserva Tinto 2007

Borges Dão Reserva red, a wine that demonstrates the elegance conferred by the nobility of the region.

£14.83 a bottle.

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Casa de Santar

Casa de Santar
Branco Dão Doc 2009

Interesting aroma, with some austerity, vegetable notes, mature fruit, smoke. The profile in the mouth is well structured, with strong tannins. Polished aftertaste but dry, excellent with food.
£7.17 a bottle.

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Sub Regions:

The vineyards, landscapes, chants/songs and charms of the demarcated region of the      Dao reveal its secrets in each of the sub-regions. Knowing each one of these is like travelling within its own wines. Now give a first step into this long and rewarding journey to a region of sensations. The basic laws of the Region contemplates the existence of the following sub-regions, with its own personality

Alva - Formed of the municipalities of Oliveira do Hospital and Tábua.

Besteiros - Formed of the municipalities of Mortágua and Santa Comba Dao in its entirety and the parishes of the Barreiro de Besteiros Campo de Besteiros, Canas de Santa Maria, Caparrosa, Castelões, Dardavaz, Ferreirós do do Dão, Lageosa Dão, Lobao da Beira Molelos, Mosteiro de Fráguas, Mouraz, Nandufe, Parada de Gonta,  Sabugosa, Santiago de Besteiros, San Miguel do Outeiro, Tonda, Tondela, Tourigo, Vila Nova da Rainha and Vilar de Besteiros, all belonging to the Muncipality of Tondela.

Castendo - Made up of the municipality of Penalva do Castelo and the parishes of Rio de Moinhos and Silva de Cima in the muncipality of Sátão.

Serra da Estrela - The joining/union of the parishes of Arcozelo da Serra, Cativelos, Figueira da Serra, Freixo da Serra, Lagarinhos, Meio, Moimenta da Serra, Nabais, Nespereira, Paços da Serra, Ribamondego, Rio Torto, São Julião, São Paio, São Pedro, Vila Cortez da Serra, Vila Franca da Serra, Vila Nova de Tazem e Vinhó, the municipality of Gouveia, and the parishes of Carragosela, Folhadosa, Girabolhos, Lages, Paranhos da Beira, Pinhanços, São Martinho, São Romão, Sameice, Sandomil, Santa Comba de Seia, Santa Eulália, Santa Marinha, Santiago, Seia, Torrozelo, Tourais, Travancinha e Várzea de Meruge and belonging to the municipality of Seia.

Quinta da Garrida Reserva

Caves Aliança
Quinta da Garrida Reserva Tinto 2008 Dão DOC

Exuberant nose with light floral and ripe fruit nuances. It also shows some toasted oak from ageing. Elegant palate with notes of ripe fruit. Full-bodied and persistent aftertaste.

£5.00 a bottle.

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Silgueiros - Parishes of Fragosela, Povolide, São João de Lourosa, Evos and Silgueiros of the city Viseu.

Quinta da Falorca

Quinta da Falorca
Dão DOC Tinto 2006

Full bodied and elegant wine, extremely well balanced with red fruit aromas and moderate tannins. It's a lip-smacking, delicious wine of purple colour, with a finish that lingers in the mouth. A classic profile, colour and flavour of the Dão Region.

£7.67 a bottle.

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Terras de Azurara - Formed only by the Muncipality of Mangualde.

Terras de Senhorim - Union of the Muncipalities of Carregal do Sal and Nelas.

Quinta de São Simão da Aguieira

Quinta de São Simão da Aguieira
Tinto Dão DOC 2005

Borges Quinta de São Simão da Aguieira is intense and fruity. It is an invitation to share good times. The colour of the label enhances the intensity of the wine's violet colour together with the complexity of the red fruit aromas.
£7.00 a bottle.

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• IPR Lafões

This area located in the valley of the River Vouga covers the municipalities of Lafões Oliveira de Frades, São Pedro do Sul and Vouzela located to the west of Viseu. Vineyards are placed on terraces and the vines are grown on high trellises. The red wine ages well but tends to have high levels of acidity. The white wine has low alcohol content, and is crisp with a fruity bite, more akin to Vinho Verde but using varietals and taste of the Beiras region.

• Vinho Regional (VR) Terras do Dão

Those wines of good quality from the Dão and Lafões regions that don't adhere to the stringent DOC restraints or outside the designated areas. Some of Portugals most innovative winemakers decide to opt out of the appellation system.